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Kharon Davis is an example of an outrageous miscarriage of justice within the Houston County Court System in Dothan, Alabama. This young man was incarcerated in 2007 and has been held mainly in solitary confinement where he has been denied bail or trial since that time.  When another young black man, Martez Dozier was killed in the jail, and after Kharon's mother was provided with a visit after contacting the NAACOP, Kharon was punished by being put in the uncleaned solitary confinement cell where the young Martez died.  This outrageous, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED 

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Through identifying and rooting out persons and policies which allow racism and injustice,  we will achieve JUSTICE NOW in DOTHAN, ALABAMA

ouTRIGHT DENIAL OF HUMAN RIGHTS is out of control in dothan, alabama and the wiregrass area of alabama.  come help expose injustice and stamp it out now!!! 

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We are a part of the United States of America and are entitled to all of the freedoms which are afforded to others.  We are too familiar with disparate treatment of African Americans and Kharon's case reminds us of what history buffs do when your ancestors were activists

Kharon's Information has touched the world and is now with the Justice Department.  After being featured on Roland Martin and New York Daily News, this case was addressed in Washington with promises for investigation.  A brief for his release has been filed in Federal Court.   

Brief Filed:

Middle District of Alabama Dec.11, 2015. Today we filed a brief addressing the cruel and unusual punishment and the denial of the right to a speedy trial in Kharons case.

justice for kharon 

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Kharon Davis' case was a hot topic along with Police Corruption In Washington, DC in November 2015

The world outside of Dothan cannot believe that such inhumanity exists in America.  A Federal Investigation is on its way.   Confederate soldiers with guns and badges are terrorists, like ISIS.   They must be punished, Now!!!